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TEXTKING Verg├╝tung
Streamlined processes and state of the art technology make us cost-effective. That is how we can offer our customers translation rates below the market average without detriment to your earnings.

TEXTKING takes care of billing and collection. That means you are freed from the risk that the client does not pay. Full information about your completed projects and their remuneration is always available in your personal TEXTKING area.
We take care of project acquisition, quoting, and billing so you can fully concentrate on completing more projects in less time.

We quote our clients and translators based on the specific details of the individual orders. For every request, you will be presented with all the order details and can then decide whether to accept or decline the assignment. The decision is always yours.

The TEXTKING service is free of charge. There are no costs or membership fees for hosting your translator profile.
Optimize your hourly rate. Translate in your areas of interest at the translation levels that come easy.

Our price calculation is based on the subject area, the document type, the language combination, and the selected translation level.